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The Highlights Of "Gram Uday Se Bharat Uday"...

The highlights of “Gram Uday se Bharat Uday” (Village Self Governance Campaign) an initiative promoted by the Central Government, in collaboration with States and Panchayats, that was undertaken with the participation of ANANDI promoted sangathans and ANANDI team in Gujarat.

ANANDI sangathans and ANANDI team took active part in the Gramsabhas and Kisan Sabhas of 70 villages of 4 blocks in three districts held as part of GUBU event

  • 12 villages in Maliya, Morbi blocks of Morbi district
  • 27 villages in Devgadh Baria block of Dahod district
  • 16 villages of Ghoghamba block & 15 villages of Shehra block in Panchmahaals district

In the Gramsabhas issues such as priority list of the beneficiaries under NFSA, provisions under NFSA, unclear matter of the responsibilities/tasks allocated to the PDS owners, grievances pertaining to the allocated stock for April 2016 were discussed.

Discussion regarding women farmers’ identity, land transfer/mutation in the presence of husband for wife, land transfer/mutation to widow were discussed, to this, the villagers and the participating officers, except in 2 villages, responded positively and assured for support.

In Mendra village of Devgadh Baria block, the village Sarpanch Saburiben along with other Sangathan members discussed in details on the inequality between man & woman regarding household work, responsibilities and decision making, woman’s contribution to the society and respect to women, which helped other women also to share their concerns. They also discussed the unpaid work of women and no resource ownership of women leading to pathetic conditions of women – discussing for about half an hour they reiterated need to recognise women farmers. This was well received by the participating villagers and the officers were quite impressed with these women who shared.

In Simaliya village, the Patwary started sharing schemes related to farmers to which the sangathan members and staff raised issues of women farmers being unable to access these schemes due to no land ownership or any other provisions. The members related their arguments in context with the Agriculture policy 2007 in which the farmers’ defination has been broadened. To this, 2-3 participating men shared that in the current context when males are out migrating, this needs some attention and agreed that man’s participation in agriculture is reducing due to man indulging into other work.

In Sagtala, Panchiyasal & Simaliya gramsabhas it was planned in the presence of govt. officers that the varsai (inheritance) camps be held.

Issues pertaining to water scarcity, need for fodder and NREGA work were discussed in great details.